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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, BRIAN WADDELL who was born in Maryland on May 26, 1961 and passed away on July 09, 1980 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever. 

Brian did not die of any illness, his life was stolen ,by 2 girls who shot him and stole his van.
Back on July 9th '80 , Brain left home here, to look for
 a friend.
Earlier that same day ,his Dad and youngest brother, had gone fishing ,down to Rehobuth Md.
That left our 3rd born son, and myself, here at home ,, Getting out of bed the next day, I find out, that Brian didnt come home. I called the police and hospitals,  to no avail,we even ,went around to his freinds house, to see if he was there .His friend hadnt seen him .
When his Dad and brother, got home later that day, I told
 them that Brian hadn't come home last night . His Dad said,"" we saw his van in Rehobuth, but with traffic being so heavy, 
it wouldn't be easy, to turn around ,as they were pulling a 
boat also.""" We had to wait for 48hrs, before we could
 report him missing, as he had just turned 19 in May. When 
we did report him missing we were told that a lot of young
 men choose not to be found,, I denied that , 'cos Brian would
 never, just leave home without his guitar..
My husband and I, went down to Rehobuth ,and looked everywhere ,we could imagine .
Brians van was found, on the police record, in another state
 as being abandoned, and left burning, this was on about 
July 12th..THEN is was looked upon by the police that
 ther'ed been foul play ,so an all states bulletin went out for Brian.
Brian was found by railroad workers,lying along side of the railroad track. The temperatures were up in the 100's, He was found ou July 23rd, he'd been lying there since the 9th.
We'd put a reward out for any information about it . Two girls told the police,that 2 other girls were bragging,about
""wasting guy  and stealing his van'''''They were picked up 
by the police and charged. Neither one was found guilty of Murder, They've served their time and are out now ..BIG FACT ,,,,IT WAS THEIR GUN!!!!!!
Sincerely still Loving and Missing Brian...
GOD BLESS  all who have lost Loved Ones

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Tributes and Condolences
For Brians Mom x   / Mary Hughes (Moms Friend )
Mom, tomorrow I will be there Though you may not see I'll smile and remember The last Christmas, with you and me Don't be sad mom I'm never far away Your heart has hidden sight My memory will always stay I watched as you touched the ornaments Sometim...  Continue >>
Thinking off you Brian   / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )
On this Sad day My heart and thoughts go out to you Trix N Gene while remembering yr Precious Son Brian xxxxxx Little did we know that morning God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts...  Continue >>
Lost for no reason   / Paul Maccari (Friend)
Brian you were the funniest guy I ever met! You made me laugh the whole time I was around you and I smile thinking of the things you would say still 37 years later. I think of you often and it makes me sad to think how you were taken from your family...  Continue >>
missing a friend   / Dennis Smith (Friend)
I just heard ( stairway to heaven ) on the radio. I know it was one of Brians favorite songs. It always reminds me of him. He is truly missed . And even 33 years later remains my friend.
Thinking off you Brian   / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )
Memory is a loving thing It lasts the longest day It can never be spent Never be lent Never be taken away sending a Big ((((((((((((((Hug)))))))))))))) xxx
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Thinking off you at christmas Brian  / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )    Read >>
For Trixie and Gene on Brian,s 30th Anniversary  / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )    Read >>
Thinking off you on your 30th anniversary Brian  / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )    Read >>
thinking off you on yr birthday Brian  / Mary Hughes (mom,s friend )    Read >>
Anther Christmas Brian thinking off U and yr Mom  / Mary Hughes (mom,s friend )    Read >>
Happy Valentines  / Mom     Read >>
Thinking off you at Christmas Brian  / Mary Hughes (Mom,s friend )    Read >>
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Brian with Uncle Vinny
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